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HTML Calendar Maker Pro 3.8

HTML Calendar 3.8 is a practical tool to create calendars for web pages
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HTML Calendar 3.8 is a practical tool to create calendars for web pages.
The application generates all the necessary code to display a monthly calendar on a web page, so user avoids creating boxes, text and code lines, etc. for every month.

In each and every day cell, user can directly type all the corresponding events on the screen web page calendar and set them with a single mouse click.

User can show web pages with latest events, activities, birthdays, holidays, etc. for business, schools, groups, etc.

The program allows anybody to insert a calendar on any web page, without any skills needed, as well as insert headers and page foot, and even HTML code for direct event insertion.

Links, emerging links, text boxes and images can be inserted by means of this application in an easy manner. User can choose fonts, colors, styles, text justification, etc. using included or imported color schemes and fonts.

The application main screen can be set divided in two side sections so the corresponding tutorial will guide user step by step. Using direct HTML code, user can add headers and page footers. The program can show the generated HTML code anytime, for checking purposes.

Free updates for new versions. Weeks can be set to start on Sunday or Monday, and any weekday box can be hidden.

A very practical application for calendar creation on web pages.

Ignacio Solves
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